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A Boutique Agency offering a personalized and complete service if you are relocating to Florence and Tuscany. Whatever you need help with you can rely on IB Relocation.

A Relocation Service designed to settle in a new city as smoothly as possible.
Whether you’re relocating alone or with your family, for work, study or cultural reasons, I can assist you with all the aspects related to your new life in Florence.
You will have a structured and professional support to meet all your needs. All the aspects of the Relocation process are taken care of, from finding the right property in the best neighborhood for you to utility set-up; from enrolling your children in school to legal support in real estate and immigration matters.

You will have a dedicated local expert with in-depth knowledge of the area, familiarity with local bureaucracy and partnerships with qualified professionals such as lawyers, architects, engineers and tax consultants.

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Bespoke Relocation Services

If you are moving to Italy IB Relocation provides complete and personalized Relocation Services to settle in without stress. You will have a dedicated and always available contact person to turn to for any request or doubt. In Between is advice, guidance and support from a local expert.


We will have a first meeting to understand the general situation and your needs. I will provide you with the information about your destination and you will get to know the city and the real estate market.

Home Search and Move In

I take care of all steps involved in finding a suitable home for you, either for rent or purchase.

Settling In

Assistance during the initial stages of your Relocation for any needs that you may have.


I will assist you to leave without stress, taking care of the check-out and the closing of ongoing contracts and subscriptions.

Are you thinking of moving to Italy? Rely on a Relocation Specialist who will help you solve your doubts and will follow you step by step.

About me

Magdalena Svolopoulos

Born in Viareggio on the Tuscan coast in 1976, I have always travelled extensively and lived abroad in various countries including Greece, Germany, England and Argentina.

Graduated with honors in Literary and Cultural International Studies at the University of Florence, I worked for several years as a translator and interpreter for companies and individuals in the commercial and literary field using the languages learned during my studies and further developed throughout my life: Spanish, English, French and German.

During my years in Buenos Aires I approached the Real Estate sector attending a course in Real Estate Business Management. Thus, in addition to working as an interpreter for professionals on business trips and as a translator for an Argentine copyright society, I provided assistance to Italian clients with properties in Latin America, carrying out managing tasks and operating as an intermediary between the owners and the different Argentinian professionals in charge of the properties.
Back in Italy In 2021, after my experience in Argentina, I founded In Between to provide Relocation Services to anyone wishing to move to Florence. I have been collaborating with Relocation companies in various Italian cities, combining the knowledge acquired throughout my studies with my personal life and work experiences. In Florence I also attended the course for Real Estate Agent in order to expand my knowledge in the field.
In addition to all the training courses and studies, it’s my personal experience that has shaped me for the work I do today. The years spent abroad and moving from one country to another have taught me how to start from scratch in a constantly different cultural context. I have developed excellent organizational and analytical skills to understand and solve issues related to relocating in a new cultural context.

Today, as a Relocation Specialist, I offer personalized assistance with everything related to moving in a new reality.

What I do


The first meeting is necessary to fully understand the situation. General information will be shared to determine which services you might require based on your specific needs.
Upon arrival in Italy, I will personally accompany you to explore the city and its neighborhoods, customizing the day according to your needs, habits and preferences. I will also provide you with all the useful information to better acquaint yourself with the city (neighborhoods, services, schools, means of transport, etc.).

Home Search and Move In

I will assist you in order to find the right property, whether you’re renting or purchasing. Searching for the right property can be arduous, but you can rely on IB relocation to help you find the one that suits your needs and preferences, taking into account budget and type of housing. I will accompany you during property viewings and throughout the formulation and acceptance of a rental proposal, always providing constant interpreting service. You will receive assistance during the Move-In with completion and signing of entry forms, setting up the utilities, filling out questionnaires and dealing with Italian bureaucracy and offices.

Settling In

IB Relocation provides assistance in the initial phase of your stay in Italy to help you manage doubts and responsibilities. I will help you with your residency, registering with the Health National Service, opening a bank account and all the administrative paperwork you need to deal with.

Departure Services

I will support you with the final part of your Relocation, checking out of the apartment, lease termination, completing de-registrations, closing contracts like bank accounts and utilities or cancelling subscriptions and memberships.

“Moving to a different country requires the awareness to adopt specific resources, suited for the local culture; an understanding possible only through a deep knowledge of the territory and its major cultural peculiarities.”

Personal Concierge Services

To serve the needs of VIP Clients I provide luxury concierge services.

Not only relocation services but also assistance in organizing everyday life, coordinating household chores, pet care services, travel services and any special request that you might have.

A comprehensive Boutique Service offering fast response times, availability, attention to details and a one-to-one contact that gives you total privacy.

Save your time
. Rely on a local expert who makes arrangements, performs tasks and finds solutions on your behalf.

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